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Pagani Zonda Cinque


The Zonda Cinque (Italian for five) was meant to be the last iteration of the Zonda, being a road going version of the Zonda R. Only five were built — hence the name — and sold for £1 million ($2,193,070), with deliveries set to June 2009 for all five cars.

The differences from other road-going Zondas were the new 6-speed sequential gearbox, resulting in shifts taking less than 100 milliseconds, dropping 0–62 mph down to 3.4 seconds. The Cinque also had a revised form of carbon fibre called “carbo-titanium” which incorporated titanium to increase strength and rigidity. The suspension used magnesium and titanium components, and the 7.3L-engine’s power and torque were increased to 678 PS (499 kW; 669 hp) and 780 N·m (575 lb·ft). Revised bodywork, which included a longer front splitter, new sideskirts, rear diffuser, bumper canards, and a flatter underside as well as a roof-mounted air intake scoop, enabled the Cinque to create 750 kg (1,653 lb) of down-force at 355 km/h (221 mph) and 1.45 G of cornering force.

The Zonda Cinque’s prototype was designed specially for the purpose of filming a special live-action trailer for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion Games, and built for shooting, with Horacio Pagani himself monitoring the construction of the car.

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  • Type :mid-engine, 2-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door
  • BASE PRICE :1.000.000 $
  • ENGINE TYPE :Mercedes-Benz V12 AMG engine
  • TRANSMISSION :Cima sequential gearbox (6 speed), robotized by Automac enginnering


  • Wheelbase :2730 mm
  • Length :4395 mm
  • Width :2055 mm
  • Curb weight :1151 kgs


  • Top Speed :355 km/h
  • 0-100km/h :3.4 s
  • 0-200km/h :9.6 s
  • 0-300km/h :N/A s


Pagani Zonda CinquePagani Zonda CinquePagani Zonda CinquePagani Zonda Cinque